The Era Of Foundation Is Over

I’ve been wearing foundation since I was fifteen; but the era of foundation is (finally) over.

After reading this article on why the cool kids don’t wear makeup, it dawned on me that I too have been neglecting what once was the most important part of my makeup routine – foundation.

This is funny timing – I literally have a post in my drafts on my favourite foundation from the drugstore. Still, on the daily basis, even too much concealer feels heavy and adding foundation into the mix is another layer to carry.


I do understand that not all of us have the skin for this fresh-faced trend (or standard?). I’ve had my fair share of skin problems. However, there’s a great piece of advice I read somewhere:

focus not on the few blemishes but on the overall health of your skin.

That makes perfect sense – when you try to camouflage everything, you’re only drawing more attention to it. Instead, I’ve learned to stop trying to cover my red cheeks and instead add a little cream bronzer.

I’ve also been trying to let my brows LIVE, adding a little pencil to places I’ve tragically destroyed when I was a teenager.

If highlighter was all the rage the past couple of years, it is now the prime time of glow. Liquid highlighters are perfect for this as they tend to melt into the skin and not leave weird colours or glitter which tends to look strange on a bare face.

Also, the clear-gloss-and-mascara look never gets old.



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  1. allyaldridge says:

    No, I love my foundation. I donโ€™t have perfect skin so I like the look (it balances me out). If I had your beautiful skin then Iโ€™d bare my skin all the time ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. rebekaluz says:

      That’s understandable! I just found myself covering up more and more and not liking the look of my skin even on good-skin days so taking a break has been super useful for me! Xx

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  2. saltoukhy says:

    Same here! I stopped wearing foundation about 6 months ago and focusing more on making sure my skin was actually healthy. My skin has improved so much since doing that and now I actually feel weird if I have foundation on. Never thought Iโ€™d see the day this happened! ๐Ÿ˜…

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    1. rebekaluz says:

      Omg totally agree!! I’ve ditched wearing foundation every day around July and it has made my skin look and feel so much nicer! X


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