5 underrated Netflix shows to watch right now

Here’s some cool shows you should watch if you think you’ve already watched everything good on Netflix.


1. Atypical

This coming-of-age show about a high-functioning 18-year-old on the autism spectrum is probably the most heart warming dark comedy you’ll watch in a while. It’s funny without being mean, poking fun at social structures we’ve built ourselves. You don’t have to like teen-stuff to like this.

image source: denofgeek.com

2. The Good Place

A fantasy comedy with an awesome cast. The only bad thing about it is waiting on a weekly episode after you binge-watch the first season in one sitting. Boo.


3. F is For Family

This sitcom is brilliant. Its humour lies in family values, the American dream and all things in between. If you loved Rick and Morty, Archer, Bojack and the lot, you’ll love this.

4. Love

image source: polygon.com

I have to admit that despite watching the first season all in one go, I didn’t really like it. I didn’t care for the characters or what happened to them because neither one of them were particularly nice. Maybe that was intentional, maybe not. However, season 2 changed my mind completely and Mickey’s style is awesome.


5. The OA

If you liked Stranger Things, you’ll like this. The best way to go about this show is to go without knowing anything about it. So go!

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