Am I a bad vegan?

Let’s talk about acne. You might sigh as you remember your own skin woes or shake your head and thank the universe for never having to worry about it. Nonetheless, it can be a tricky situation when you’re vegan.

I’ve always had good skin until I didn’t. There’s nothing exciting about an acne story but let’s make one thing clear – it sucks. It’s not life threatening but it has the ability to change the way you view yourself negatively. So, after months of battling with it I decided to take medication for it.

As a vegan, it’s super easy to avoid animal products in your food. It’s the rest that can be difficult. The medication I am taking is most likely to have been tested on animals and it contains animal products in it (yep I checked). Am I still vegan for taking them, knowing all of this? I’m gonna go with yes.

From the way I look at it, it’s either however long it would take for acne to leave me alone (months? years?) or getting rid of it and focusing on other, more important things, than skin imperfections such as my overall health.

You might not agree, and trust me I would choose the vegan option of the medication if I could, but I do believe there are bigger battles to fight right now.

Have you ever had to take medication as a vegan?

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  1. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot since I am a transitioning vegan. I have constant acne battles and I am using a topical acne med for it. I feel terrible because I know the pharmaceutical industry is not kind to animals. I’m hoping gradually adopting a completely plant-based diet will help clear up my skin so I can stop using it!

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    1. rebekaluz says:

      I think the important thing is to realise there isn’t a “vegan book of rules” and that doing your best is better than nothing. I hope your skin clears up, I got some low-key acne months after I went vegan despite eating super healthy and exercising but I found using a prescription cream helped me in the long run!xx


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