Ethical/Vegan/Cruelty-Free Online Shops

Finding ethical sources to purchase from can be kind of difficult. Especially when other brands make themselves so readily available. However, this year I am trying to really make a difference in the way I shop and who I buy from. Here’s a couple of online shops I found to e either helpful or cute or both!


Ethical Superstore

Need I say more? It’s super easy to find vegan cosmetics, food and household products on the site and the prices aren’t sky-high. The shipping isn’t too over-the-top either.


Nobody’s Child

Fast fashion with a conscience. That’s the motto of this London-based clothing brand which manufactures their stuff in their own factories, ensuring nobody has to pay the price for the low-cost clothing you can find on the high street. I personally really like what they make and have a few things in mind for my first purchase!



This one is probably my favourite. Firs of all, the shipping is free which is a real bonus. They stock a variety of different organic beauty products and a lot of them are vegan-friendly. They also stock brands that are more  difficult to find in the UK like Pacifica!



Petit Vour

Petit Vour is a vegan beauty boutique as well as a monthly subscription box. Everything on the site is vegan-friendly and absolutely beautiful. They also stock handbags and other accessories!

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    1. rebekaluz says:

      Thanks! X


  1. allnatural says:

    Very helpful! 💚

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    1. rebekaluz says:

      I’m glad you found this useful! X


  2. Mandy says:

    There’s some good direct sales companies around too ❤️ I trust Arbonne

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