Is it really cruelty-free?

The cruelty-free stance, taken by an increasing number of people, can be really confusing. For such a seemingly straightforward, no-cruelty-allowed-here message, most people are still wondering what it really means. The terminology is vast. Cruelty-free, vegan, natural. All sound positive, yet too often these statements are meant to confuse and make people buy into the…

Treat Yo Self This Christmas With Minimalism

It’s an ironic time to be writing about minimalism but it’s also a critical one. A lot of people (myself included) fall into the same overspending patterns around the holidays. Are you still a minimalist if you buy presents? If you treat yourself? What are the rules?

Glossier – the IT Girl of beauty industry

After several strong years of Instagram trends – sharp, bold brows, perfected skin and eye-shadow techniques, the beauty industry is changing and Glossier is in the front line of the your-skin-but-better movement.

What I’m reading: non-fiction

Autumn seems to be big on self-improvement as everyone goes back to school, university or work after a hazy and probably lazy summer. So here’s a couple of books to maintain the curiosity.

Am I a bad vegan?

Let’s talk about acne. You might sigh as you remember your own skin woes or shake your head and thank the universe for never having to worry about it. Nonetheless, it can be a tricky situation when you’re vegan. I’ve always had good skin until I didn’t. There’s nothing exciting about an acne story but…